The SEASHORE LINES provides freight rail services for business entities desiring to transport their products, materials and goods between New Jersey and global markets.

The Seashore Lines’ freight services complement national growth patterns for freight rail service through the safe, effective, efficient and reliable movement of goods between New Jersey industries and world markets.  The Seashore Lines’ freight rail service promotes multi-modalism by providing a viable alternative mode of transportation for both existing industries and future commercial opportunities in New Jersey. 

Seashore Lines rail services include, but are not limited to:


The Seashore Lines stands ready to serve all industries seeking the competitive edge to move their goods to and from New Jersey. The Seashore Lines is also working with its modal partners in trucking to assist them in expanding their reach and reducing their costs, while they support their own customers in moving freight throughout the region and across the country.

The Seashore Lines is the gateway to markets throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico, and welcomes the opportunity to discuss and advance freight rail transportation initiatives with all interested parties.  With its long standing record of safe and efficient operations, the Seashore Lines continues to seek opportunities and business development to enhance the services provided to both current and future customers.

The Seashore Lines’ mission is to know, work with and serve its their service requirements demand.

For additional information regarding our freight rail services, please contact the Seashore Lines at your convenience.

Thank you for your interest in the Seashore Lines.

A.C. “Tony” Macrie

President and General Manager


Contact us at:; or, our business office: 609-602-1264.

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The Seashore Lines also provides effective, efficient and economical Railcar Storage Services.